If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. - Booker T. Washington

Different ways you can volunteer

There are many ways to help but here are some things we could use you right away on.


At each camp, we need to get all attendants checked in and register new attendants. This requires a dedicated team of volunteers so that this process can be completed in a timely manner.

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Meal Preparation/

Both at our weekend camps and on tour, we require a team of volunteers to plan, shop, and prepare well-balanced meals so that our members and staff are given the right amount of fuel to get through each day.

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Uniform Fitting/

In the spring, our members will need to be fitted for uniforms in order look great at all our performances. Some uniforms may also need periodic alterations so that they fit perfectly throughout the season. Do you have a sewing machine and are able to help us in this area? Sign up today to become a volunteer.

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An essential piece to the Raiders organization. Each season, we need to communicate with new sponsors in order to establish a relationship. Additionally, keeping in touch with current sponsors so that they continue to support us year after year is crucial to our success in this area.

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Our fleet of vehicles currently consists of 2 tractor trailers and various smaller vehicles that transport our staff and various equipment. These vehicles are unable to get on the road without the help of CDL and Non-CDL drivers. Our operation consists of providing shuttles to/from the airport, day trips to/from local shows, weekend trips to regional events, 3 week trips on the road to World Championships.

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Physical activities require the appropriate medical staff to prevent injuries in addition to treating them as they occur. Medical personnel are needed to ensure that our members, staff, and volunteers get the best medical care while they are with us.

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Special Events

We periodically host special events in an effort to raise funds for the current season. The events require a group of 20-30 to plan, prepare and execute the event so that it can be successful.

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