We will begin accepting registrations for 2021 educational events soon.

Our schedule of events will be released soon.

Join us for our virtual camp!

The series of free virtual camps for brass, percussion, and color guard are great ways to continue developing your skills with brass, percussion, and color guard.

Receive world-class instruction on your instrument and equipment!

This is your the first step towards an amazing drum corps experience. For those who choose to audition, we start with all positions open and available, including brass, percussion, color guard, and drum majors.

If you have any questions about auditioning for the corps, please contact us.

To register to submit a video audition, register above.

Spring and Summer Virtual Camp Schedule

(tentative and subject to change)
April Virtual Camp
Full Corps
Saturday, April 25 through Sunday, April 26
May Virtual Camp
Full Corps
Saturday, May 23 through Sunday, May 24
June Virtual Camp
Full Corps
Saturday, June 20 through Sunday, June 21
July Virtual Camp
Full Corps
Saturday, July 18 through Sunday, July 19
August Virtual Camp
Full Corps
Saturday, August 8 through Sunday, August 9

Frequently Asked Questions

After registering for auditions (in-person or video), you will receive a welcome packet that contains music and other information you need for preparing for your audition.

Download the audition packing guide.

Wear comfortable clothes (no jeans) because you will be moving around. Wear tennis shoes/sneakers and a hat. You will receive a Raiders shirt at your first camp that you will need to bring to all of the following camps and wear during Show and Tell.

We have instruments and flags available, but anticipating high attendance, bring your instrument and mouthpiece or color guard equipment. This will ensure you will have the opportunity to play on the instrument or use the equipment you desire.

  • 1 Gallon, Blue, Coleman Water Jug (EVERYONE). It must be 1 gallon, it must be blue, it must be Coleman brand
  • Small notepad & Pen/Pencil to take notes (EVERYONE)
  • Color Guard: Jazz Shoes, Guard Gloves, Dance Attire – Loose fitting clothing/tights/stretch or yoga pants/Etc.
  • Percussion: Drum Sticks/Mallets, Drum Pad, Headphones/Ear Plugs, Pencils, Music Stand, Instrument
  • Brass: Instrument and Mouthpiece, Pencils, Music Stand, Baseball gloves or show gloves
  • Percussion & Brass: Portable metronome/tuner or phone with metronome app
  • Percussion & Brass: Black Binder with Music in Sheet Protectors

For Overnight Camps

  • Extra Clothes (for overnight camps)
    Shirt, Shorts/Athletic Pants, Underwear, Socks (x3)
  • ***We do NOT wear jeans at camp***

Toiletries (for overnight camps)

  • Shampoo, Soap, Wash Cloth
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Any Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Towel, Comb/Brush/Hair ties/Etc., Shower shoes (ex. Flipflops)

Sleeping Gear (for overnight camps)

  • Pillow, Sleeping Bag
  • Twin Sized Air Mattress or Sleeping Mat (Not required but it is more comfortable than being on the floor w/just a sleeping bag.)
  • AIR PUMP (For the air mattress)


  • Phone Charger
  • Avoid bringing laptops, iPads/tablets or other technological devices that may be broken

The Raiders welcomes performers of all experience levels. Our talented instructional staff has experience working with beginners as well as high-level performers. Regardless of your experience, if you are willing to work and learn, you will be welcome as a member. Our audition process is low-stress and is a chance for you to get to know the Raiders and enjoy a great experience in the marching arts.

For experienced performers, we have leadership opportunities available, and for music education majors we have special opportunities that will enhance your pedagogical experience as you prepare to enter the professional world. Ask us about this in your audition registration.

Being a Raider is about more than just perfecting a performance and competing with other corps. It’s a family.

Parents often stay involved with the corps to volunteer on weekends or on tour. We offer special performances for our friends and family in the summer. The family atmosphere sets the Raiders apart from other competitive drum corps. Our alumni continue to be successful inside and outside of the performing arts.

Register for the Raiders

Sign up here if this is your first time and if you plan to attend an in-person event, submit a video audition, or attend a virtual camp.

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