Revitalizing Virtual Education in the Marching Arts

You’re ready to take the next step in your marching career. We’re ready to take the next step of teaching band online.

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March 2021

We're creating virtual experiences without diluting the enjoyable parts of band

X Stream is dedicated to creating a community centered around a holistic member experience, designed to be inclusive on every axis. By minimizing the cost and time commitment required to be a member of X-Stream, we can create a meaningful experience for students that cannot access other programs.

Why X-Stream?

X-Stream Percussion with Alejandro Gallo

No Crazy Fees

The last thing we want is for money to become a barrier to music experiences, so we designed X Stream to be economically accessible. Without the crazy uniforms, huge props and nation-wide tour, we can create a revolutionary product without hiking up membership fees

X-Stream Drummer

No Crazy Schedules

Where some programs might take up your entire summer, or majorly conflict with most of your spring semester, X-Stream has a shortened season with reasonable weekly obligations designed for students dedicated to getting better, but don’t want to exclusively worry bout marching style music.

X-Stream Christopher Bill

Don't Settle for Less

We are dedicated to creating the most meaningful experience- from collaborating with world-renowned YouTuber and trombonist Chris Bill to creating our show using new and innovate software Cadenzify, our members are only going to have the best experiences and resources.

X-Stream Brass with Chris Bill

Brass Staff

The brass team will be led by Scott Brown, Tyrell Butler, and Logan Gupta. Christopher Bill will serve as a clinician as well as a design consultant.

Christopher Bill is best known as the most subscribed brass musician on YouTube. He’s a trombonist, arranger, and marketing consultant based outside of NYC.

Christopher’s YouTube Channel of all-trombone arrangements of popular songs has been gaining popularity since the spring of 2014 when a cover of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” where Christopher uses a looping station to compose the song on the spot went viral. His videos have since amassed over 45 million views and a following of over 250,000 subscribers.

X-Stream Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Staff

Following the debut of X-Stream Percussion , the entire design and instructional team is returning, including Program Coordinator Marc Garside, designer Grant Butters, and instructor Alejandro Gallo.

Across the percussion team, the staff and designers have extensive experience with drum and bugle corps and have taught in high schools throughout the country.

Credits include the Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps (DCI), White Sabers (DCA), Hawthorne Caballeros (DCA), United Percussion (WGI), EPIC Percussion, Williamsport (PA) High School, and Penn State Indoor Drumline.

X-Stream Christopher Bill
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X-Stream Percussion Performerns
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X-Stream Percussion and Brass Virtual Ensembles

All Ensembles

Schedule. The March 2021 session will begin on March 15 and end on April 18. Members will receive 30 minutes of individual instruction with ensemble instructional staff on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Members will submit videos on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. On Sunday, each ensemble will meet as a group for a master class followed by group instruction. During the rehearsal, members will be asked to record videos and submit them using our mobile app. Videos will be instantly mixed to produce an ensemble video for nearly instantaneous feedback.

Final performance. At the end of the four week session, final videos will be professionally edited and produced, with each individual performance including coordinated visuals and music, to a storyboard that was created by our professional designers. The video will then be presented to members and shared to the public.

Joining X-Stream


There is no audition fee. If you are placed in an ensemble, there is a participation fee of $50 to cover your instruction, technology, and merch over the course of the session.


Sign up below. You will receive instructions for recording your audition video. You will not learn new music to audition, and you will be able to complete the video quickly.


Upload the video and submit it to the instructional staff. You will receive feedback promptly, usually within 24 hours.


Receive your ensemble assignment, music, and merch, and begin working with the instructional staff and the other members towards your performance!

Audition Now!

You will receive an email with audition material and instructions for recording and submitting your video.
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X-Stream is presented by A+ Education and Performing Arts in partnership with the Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps.

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There is limited time to audition. If you have any questions, contact us here. We’ll be happy to help you get started with X-Stream.